UV Printing

At Curbys NT, we have recently ventured in UV Printing services. The UV Printer offers a wide range customisable products, which includes a high quality print reproduction on an unbelievable range of products, materials and surfaces. It can print realistic photographs, high impact logos and text in an extensive range of vibrant colours.


Our Previous Jobs

Our most popular material used with the UV printer in acrylic. This offers a fully customisable product in shape, size and colour because our Laser Engravers and cut out a specific shaped and sized product, which can then be printed on with an design you choose. Our previous jobs have included:

  • Acrylic Honour Boards
  • Acrylic Plaques
  • Unique Giftware
  • Fully Customisable Products, in shape, size and colour


The UV Printing Process

The UV Printing process involves the UV ink being printed directly onto the chosen product, which is the cured under a UV light for a bright, textured and durable print.

Please note, our UV Printer has a maximum print area of 300x420mm, with a maximum thickness of 50mm.

Please contact us for all your UV Printing needs, our friendly staff will be happy to help.