Trophies and Awards

Trophies and awards are an honoured way of presenting achievement, whether it’s for a sport championship or a corporate office award. At Curbys NT, we offer a variety of specific trophies and awards for any sport and occasion, such as:

  • Trophies
  • Resin Trophies
  • Medallions
  • Cups
  • Acrylic Awards
  • Glass Awards
  • Crystal Awards
  • Metallic Awards
  • Custom Made Trophies and Awards.

We can also custom make centres for your Trophies and Medallions. Our centres come in two sizes, 1-inch and 2-inch. However these two sizes will depend on the size your trophy has allowed for. Our Medallions as well come with Ribbons, which come in a number colours.

Please contact us for all your Trophies and Awards needs, our friendly staff will be happy to help.