Sublimation FAQ’s


Why Curbys NT?

Curbys NT Apparel is 100% Australian made. It is made out of the highest quality of materials, which make the apparel durable, comfortable and lightweight. We manufacture and print all our apparel right here in Darwin, Northern Territory. Our Polo’s, T-Shirts, Singlets and Long Sleeve Shirts have a 50+ UPF. Yet, the best thing about Curbys NT Apparel is that they’re entirely customisable.


What materials do you use?

Our Curbys NT Polos, T-shirts, Singlets and Long Sleeve Shirts are made out of breathable high quality polyester fabric.


How do I care for my Curbys NT Apparel?

Unlike normal fabric, Curbys NT Apparel has no ink residue. Therefore they can be washed and worn straight away, without the hassle of separately washing it first.

Care Instructions:

  • Cold or warm machine wash only
  • Do not bleach, soak or wring
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not leave sitting wet or in the sun
  • Can iron inside out


What is dye sublimation?

Dye sublimation is a printing process, which uses heat to transfer dye into the medium. Your Curbys NT design is heat transferred into the polyester fabric using a heat press. This process transfers the ink into the fabric, rather than over the top. This process keeps the fabric breathable, ideal for the Australian climate. It also keeps your Curbys NT Apparel from fading over time.


Are your inks bad for the environment?

The inks we use at Curbys NT are environmentally friendly water based inks, which still produce vibrant colours. Because these inks are environmentally friendly, we can even wash them straight down the sink.


What is the difference between UPF and SPF?

The Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating system measure the UV protection provided by fabric, where as the SPF rating system is used for sunscreen.

UPF 15-24+: Good Protection – blocks 93.9-95.9% UV radiation

UPF 25-39+: Very Good Protection – blocks 96-97.4% UV radiation

UPF 40+: Excellent Protection – blocks 97.5-99% UV radiation

UPF 50+: Ultimate Protections –¬†blocks 100% UV radiation


Please contact us for any other information you would like to know about Sublimation, our friendly staff will be happy to help.