Curbys NT Perpetuals are as unique as your office, sporting club or school. We offer traditional and contemporary styles of perpetuals to suit any requirement. From stand up Trophies, Plaques, Shields and Honour Boards we have you covered. Perpetuals are a popular option for showcasing annual recognition within a sporting club, corporate office, or school.

When you are showcasing studenents achievemnets or employee of the month, do it in style with Curbys NT Perpetuals. Our creative staff will ensure you get the best fit for your needs.

At Curbys NT, we provide a wide variety of customised perpetual trophies, such as:

Acrylic and Timber Honour Boards

Remember those timber honour boards from your school days? We can make supply them. As well as timber we also offer acrylic. Either way we can update your honour board as you require. No more miss matched fonts or colours. Your record is on file so it will be right every time.

Timber Plaques and Shields

Perpetual plaques and shields build a lasting legacy. We’ve got a full range of shields and plaques to suit your sporting club, school or corporate office. We can also update annually with engraved shapes of your choice.

Acrylic Plaques

Our custom acrylic plaques are available in many sizes and shapes to make the perfect award for any corporate or casual event. These awards display beautifully for recognition events.

Glass or Crystal Plaques

Plaques that truly stand out! Glass or crystal are true showstoppers that will impress all lucky enough to receive one. We custom make to suit your needs. Stand out from the crowd.

Custom Made Perpetuals

If you require something different than our stocked items we can help. Contact us with your idea and we will make it happen.

Updating your perpetual

Already have a perpetual made by Curbys NT and need it updated annually? We have thought about future updating and can provide you with hassle free solutions. If your perpetual wasn’t made by Curbys NT, we can still help. Contact us to discuss your requirements.